My dress…

So as you may know from a previous post, I bought my dress from the wonderful Cherished Bride in Arbroath. It is a small but very well stocked boutique that sells ex display and preloved dresses. Some people may shy away from that but if you fall in love with a dress, does it matter if it’s not this year’s line? I am so glad I went here, my dream dress was by Phil Collins Bridal and was from the 2010 range so I would have no chance in a new bridal shop finding this one. Just to mention, I am not a traditional person really, I didn’t want to be in a dress which was the same as everyone else. When I came across this particular dress, it definitely wasn’t traditional and I loved it! This is the dress itself…  


Excuse the face!!
I adored my dress and my husband was knocked for six when he saw it (that’s the reaction we all want!!). 

Trust me, find a dress you love but remember, at the end of the day, it’s the marriage that matters, the rest is just for show.
Mrs Diva


A little update from me…

Well after a long break from blogging I’m back! I’m now a married woman too and had the truly the most wonderful day. I’ll post a separate update about the big day itself when I have a few minutes. 

So Cara is now 2 and such a cheeky little monkey! I’m writing this while listening to her over the baby monitor singing “the wheels on the bus” to herself. She will go through pretty much the whole song too! Her speech is very advanced but is following a normal learning curve, although much quicker than normal. You can easily have a whole conversation with her, and of course you get attitude from her too, she seems to forget she’s two and not a teenager! 

I’m currently on a decorating mission too. We’ve lived in our home for over 4 years now but we still haven’t decorated our spare room. It’s currently stark white and is used as a dumping ground so it’s in desperate need of some tlc and style! I’m buying bits and pieces here and there but need some big bits too, namely some practical but stylish storage. I will update as I go along.
For now

Mrs Dundeediva 😀 


Flavourly.com…monthly treats through the door!

I am a little bit of a tv addict and I happened to watch dragons den on Sunday this week. On there was a company that really caught my attention. Flavourly.com is a monthly subscription service who deliver selections of luxury food produced by small, independant UK suppliers. Straight away I ordered my first box and was excited when it arrived just two days later in a deliciously large box!

Since the little one was fast asleep, I dived straight in and was very happy to see what a large selection there was inside. A mix of snacks and cooking ingredients awaited, all of which I will actually eat! there’s also a few leaflets for money off and a recipe card too.

Since I’m full of the cold just now and not been eating much, I was pretty hungry so first up was the Soffles pita chips. I love pita bread and making it into a crisp is ideal and they did not disappoint! They were crispy and bursting with flavour and although I ate them alone, they would taste lovely with a dip too.

Later on I tried the Rani’s mixture, which is the tastiest Bombay style mix I’ve ever eaten. It has the normal mix of ingredients but no preservatives, no msg and are pure heaven in a packet! The spice level is bang on spot, a lovely warming crunchy snack.

Cara was excited to try the Belgian biscuit with biscuit butter. We were both excited by this and the small amount she left for me to try was delicious.

I got my first box on a promotion for half price and normally I would then cancel my subscription but this is different. This box is something I would be excited to receive every month and will definitely be keeping this one going. At £20 it is well worth the price however if you go through this link, https://www.flavourly.com/?r=CWHMA7A, you can get £5 off your first months subscription. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



I don’t know how this time has passed so quickly but it’s been 3 months since my last post! I’ve been so busy with wedding planning and generally being a working mummy that I’ve not had much time to spare.

Cara is now almost two (when did that happen??!!) and is such a wonderful toddler. She is very funny and intelligent, learning more and more every day. She now speaks in sentences, 99% of which are very clear and understandable but as you’d expect, every now and again she goes off on a tangent and we have no idea what she is saying! She also loves to sing, her current favourite is the wheels on the bus. She’s got a wonderful book to sing along to and we have several renditions a day!

Wedding planning has been great fun but very stressful. Something I learned very quickly was that we needed to do what we wanted. Yes we listen to suggestions and ideas but at the end of the day, it will be our wedding, a celebration of our love. Some people don’t understand this and surprisingly, the worst of it came from two very different people who have both been married! I didn’t expect them to complain or be rude, and I certainly didn’t expect fallouts, which have happened. I now have a family rift and one less bridesmaid.

I’m still upset about them both but it’s difficult to deal with. To resolve the family issue would mean either having two more guests, who I don’t want there all day (also added expense too) or having a very good friend not there. The other issue, and the most upsetting one would mean discussing my hurt and upset with the person who I trusted hugely and has been involved with the planning from the start. A silly misunderstanding on their part meant there were hurtful things said by her that are very difficult to forget and ignore. Since the fallouts, I haven’t spoken to either of them and I don’t know how to move forward really. Rock and a hard place anyone??!!


Wedding dress shopping…

I became addicted to a couple of American daytime TV shows about wedding dress shopping, namely “I found the gown” and “say yes to the dress”. It’s very cliche, definitely not showing a natural experience however they are so addictive! I love watching the crying and gushing over the beautiful bride and seeing the gorgeous (and sometimes eye-wateringly expensive) dresses! Some of these sell for ten of thousands of dollars and I’m dumbfounded!

Anyway the reason why I mentioned dress prices is that my wedding is being done on a budget and frankly the idea of spending a lot on a wedding dress makes me ill. I’m also not a very girly girl, I don’t really wear dresses and the like and I barely have time to brush my hair in the morning, never mind apply much make up!! So I was over the moon when I found The Cherished Bride in Arbroath. The store specialises in both preloved and ex-display dresses at a fraction of the retail value. I was surprised at the amount of dresses they had to choose from. I probably had somewhere around 30 dresses in my size alone to try, which was amazing! After trying on several, I came across one which my entourage wanted me to try. I tried it on, thought it looked really nice but I was looking for “the moment”. The one you hear about where the world stops turning, you feel like a princess and you cry etc. I tried on a few more but I ended going back to this one dress. I tried it on again and after seeing the reaction of everyone else, in true tv style I said “yes to the dress” and “I found my gown”!

You may notice there are no photos in this post. Only the three wonderful ladies who came to the appointment have seen my dress and it will stay that way until the big day!


The pros and cons of social media

Not too long ago, the only way to regularly communicate with friends and family was either face to face or by phone. At that point, mobile phones were obsolete, used by businessmen in stuffy suits and they were massive! Nowadays, we have the whole world at our fingertips with the Internet, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, the list goes on. We have instant access to the world and that’s an amazing thing! I’m a massive fan of social media and I use it every single day. I use it to catch up with friends, read news, reconnect with people and discuss day to day life. I don’t hide my love of it either and in fact my other half (that’ll say husband soon!) thinks my tablet is an extra limb!

Anyway to my point. I’ve mentioned my group of lovely ladies on facebook before. They have been my friends and confidants for over two years now. We’ve shared everything, from the massive things with births, bereavements, medical issues and break ups to the smaller things with birthdays, happy times, sad times, advice and general chit chat. In hard times and in good, they have always been there. At the moment and in fact as I write this, we are having issues within our online community and it has been genuinely hard to deal with. After speaking to some people privately, there is a massive feeling of unrest and sadness. Tears have been shed and I fear rifts may never be resolved. If this is the end of our amazing group I will be genuinely gutted. I hope this just makes us stronger as a group but only time will tell.

I have 27 amazing women in my online family. I hope it continues for a very long time to come.


Wedding planning…

I almost can’t believe I’m actually writing this but I’m finally planning my wedding!! After over ten years together and seven years of engagement, we are finally getting married next year!! It turns out wedding planning is great fun and I’m loving discussing plans with the people who matter to me most.

It will be a small wedding with only 30 day guests and an extra 20 or so evening guests. This was deliberate as we want it to be a special occasion with our nearest and dearest only, as I know how easy it is for the guest list and costs to spiral out of control. We don’t have a massive budget so we plan on keeping to our small budget but still make this the best day of our lives!!

A few things I’ve learned so far…

Pinterest is any brides friend. The ideas on there are for everyone regardless of budget, size, race, religion and sexuality.

Dresses are EXPENSIVE!!! I really don’t want to spend £1000+ on a dress I’ll wear once. Yes it’s a special occasion and I will probably photographed more that day than any other but this is where my creative mind comes to play. How can I do this for a fraction on the cost? All will be revealed…

Find out what you can delegate and do it!! If people ask of they can do something at the wedding, utilise their talents. If someone asks to sing, take photos, bake the cake, make dresses, arrange flowers etc then this can be a huge help and can cut a lot of money from the costs.

Don’t expect money from anyone. This is not 1950 where parents pay. Budget your wedding based on what you can afford. If you can’t afford it, look for cheaper alternatives or put it on the “maybe” list. Money doesn’t make the world go round, love does. A wedding is about love, not money.

Have what YOU want. This is your day, not your sisters, mothers, friends day. They’ve either had or will have their day. If you want your bridesmaid in pink puffball dresses then do it! This is the one day where you call the shots. What you say goes!

I will let you know about the progress of the wedding planning and whether my budget has managed to remain the same as time goes on.

9 months to go…